My Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Social Media Content With Ease

Updated: Mar 11

So, you have a fabulous business and you need to tell people all about it so that they buy stuff from you.

No problem!

Unless you are not really used to marketing or sales and what's more, you are not too comfortable with it either.

Many business owners understand the power of social media channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook and they know that they should be posting regularly on them, reaching clients and making connections. But, all these things take time and energy, which, when you wear most of the hats in your actual business, are both in short supply.

So, how can you make writing social media content a little easier and more importantly, quicker!

Here are my top four top tips for helping you to do that.

Tip One - Re-Purpose Old Content

If you have been on Social Media for a while you, will have created lots of posts in the past. Look back over your posts and copy and paste any great post text into a data base or library. I use a free online tool for this called Trello. This is a simple tool that many people use for project management, but I use it for content. You can open a new card for each post, keep the content sorted into lists and you can add any images or links onto the card too. I have a tutorial around that, which I created and posted on You Tube here.

It is my belief that not everyone will see every post you put out, so repurposing old content is absolutely fine and you may be doing someone a favour if they missed it the first time or forgot about it - especially if it is a great tip, for example. I also use this library system to save and re use posts that repeat, such as a Call To Action/Sales Post or the wording for a client testimonial post for example.

Tip Two - Re-Purpose Some More!!

Okay I know, that may seem like the same tip twice, but this is different honestly! So, you probably have a website, you will have spent a really long time thinking about what to say about yourself and your services there. Or, you may have paid someone else, a professional copywriter, to write about you. So, use the content there, lift it out and use it on your posts.

Similarly you may have written blogs and articles over the years, these are all great content too.

Save your energy and creativity by NOT reinventing the wheel each time you sit down to write a post or connect with your audience.

Tip Three - Use Weekly Themes That Repeat

This technique is absolutely key to avoiding burnout and writers block. So, by themes I mean the likes of:

Monday - Tips Post

Tuesday - Testimonial from a Client

Wednesday - Spotlight on My Product or Service

Thursday - Engagement Question or Awareness Day (these are annual events such as Mothers Day, St Patrick's Day or days that highlight things that connect with your business). If you are unsure where to find these dates for each month, I always do a post about these for the month ahead HERE

Friday - Call To Action/Sales Post. This can give your audience something to buy from you or maybe you could ask them to read your blog, follow you on social media or sign up to a newsletter you send out.

Using weekly themes stops you starring at a blank screen or page when you are planning your content. Starting with some prompts is MUCH easier and more enjoyable (have you seen my Instagram Reel that pokes fun at this? If not take a look HERE). By the way, fair warning, my Reels are not great!!! Considering I once wanted to be an actress, I am incredibly wooden!!!

Tip Four - Hire a Social Media VA (ahem, like me...)

It would be coy of me not to offer this up as a suggestion wouldn't it?

Outsourcing time draining tasks can be incredible for your business. However, I totally get that it can be a bit of a scary thought. Your business is your baby, you created it and you are 100% invested so handing anything over feels risky.

So, how does it work?

When a client takes me on, I ask them to create a Trello Board and invite me (it's easy I promise) that means that anything we create and save for their content on Social Media, belongs to them forever. I then load up 1 month of content prompts and start the onboarding process where we work together to give me the permissions on your accounts and we start to decide things like your STRATEGY for posting, the TONE OF VOICE, your ideal client profile and what it is that your service or product gives to them. Then we will look at branding (if you have it) and I then draft some posts for the first week of posting.

Some clients I work with want to approve the content before it goes and others are happy for me to get on with it. Have a read of my testimonials HERE to see what my clients say about me. I communicate with my clients in whatever way they prefer. We have regular calls and Zoom meetings and frequently my clients leave me voice notes on WhatsApp, because that is nice and quick for them - which is what it is all about.

I am a cheerleader, a partner and I am here to take away that time draining, but necessary, task from them.

I don't just offer a regular posting service, I also do an incredibly effective Power Hour Session around Social Media content for the bargain price of £65.

For information on all of my packages pop over to this PAGE or drop me a line at and we will book in a free 20 minute discovery call.

Finally, for more tips and value please head over and join my FREE FACEBOOK GROUP. The group is aimed at de-mystifying Social Media for Business Owners, giving lots of ideas for content and how-to videos for simple tasks that will help you with creating.

I would be delighted to welcome you there.

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