My Podcast - How am I going to grow my business?

I appeared on James Sinclair's podcast on 29th October 2020 - entitled How to Grow a Virtual PA Business.

I applied to be on this via his website and I was very honoured that he gave me the opportunity and that he was so encouraging.

I explained the challenges my business has and he gave me some incredibly valuable advice on how to move forward and achieve my goals.

Since the session I have met with Louise Potter and we had a session which took me through my objectives and future strategies. She enabled me to break down what I wanted to offer to clients, how to do it and what to charge in order to meet my financial goals.

What has happened since has taken me on a journey that has sometimes left me uncomfortable and feeling like an Imposter but everything finally feels like it is falling into place.

Understanding my value, particularly as a working mother, was really key for me.

My message to anyone reading this and considering starting as a VA or in any type of self employed/own business, is this: just get started. Don't worry about being perfect or being incredibly polished. I have made many mistakes with my business and I have learned a great deal along the way. But every single day, I feel grateful that I just took the plunge and got started.

I have many very happy clients past and present and so I know that even though I may not be a model business owner (yet), my services do exactly what it says on the tin!